What IS Brivity?

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Brivity is the ultimate tool for real estate agents. We allow you to manage your business, market your listings, and efficiently communicate with clients.  By using a comprehensive solution for  all these activities, you are able to automate or simplify all of your business activities and have higher client  satisfaction while making more money.

Brivity is a powerful tool because it keeps you organized and informs your sellers of all the work you have been doing.

For example, when you get a new listing, we do three things for you:

One: We create a marketing page the day you win the listing, so that you gain additional leverage from your
listings by marketing your “coming soon” listings online.



Two: We immediately create an account for your seller to log-in and view all the work you’ve been doing.



Three: A set of tasks automatically gets put into your schedule based on when the listing went active. This means that every day you have a single checklist of everything you need to do in order to effectively manage and market all of your listings.



Additionally, as your tasks are completed, we keep your team and seller up to date by completing three more activities for you:

One: We update your team’s account so everyone can see what’s going on with their listings.

Two: We send your seller an email notifying them on the changes on their account.

Three: We update your seller’s account about the completed task so that they always have a complete history of what you’ve been doing for their listing.

With Brivity, you’ll never forget to do something important, your sellers will be constantly updated without you having to waste time with calls or emails, and you can gain interest in your listings before they are even on the market.   Because of our integrated systems and our design created specifically for the needs of a real estate agent, Brivity is the ultimate tool to increase your personal productivity, listing visibility, and client satisfaction.




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