What Does Brivity Do For Me?

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Here at Brivity, we know you’re busy.

We know the basic day in the life for a real estate agent is hectic, unpredictable, and sometimes a little unorganized. We know what kind of program you’re looking for.

We know all this because we’re real estate agents too.

Brivity was designed by leading real estate agents for real estate agents to manage, market, and communicate their business better than ever before.

Brivity is a client communication tool

Brivity was first created to fill a growing need and concern within the business: client communication. 90% of sellers say their biggest complaint about their real estate agent is that he/she doesn’t communicate with them; and 74% believe that agents don’t justify their commission. This communication gap leads to lost and unhappy sellers, but is difficult for a single real estate agent to manage on their own.

Whether you have one seller or one hundred, providing sellers with constant, timely updates on their listings is not an easy task. Brivity was initially designed to bridge that communication gap. When an agent creates a listing, an account is automatically created for their seller to log-in and view all activity on their listing. This account will also automatically send out daily or weekly email updates to your sellers about this activity.

Brivity is a real estate portal that is focused on YOU

There are four unique advantages to having your listings featured on the Brivity.com real estate portal:

  • Having “Coming Soon” properties advertised online, which allows you to gain additional leverage before their active date… you will no longer need to rely on signs, flyers, and word of mouth alone.
  • We only show buyers exactly what they’re looking for when they search for houses online. We will never have any popups, sidebar ads, or extra market data.
  • You are the only agent who will ever appear on your listings.
  • The leads are free. Unlike other portals which charge you for leads, we provide our users their own leads at no additional charge.

Brivity is a listing management tool

Our client communication would be stressful and time consuming if Brivity didn’t also manage all your listing’s tasks; that’s where our action plans and tasks lists came in. We use action plan templates to help keep you organized and doing things the right way, every time. When you create a listing, an action plan template is automatically assigned to that listing based on the property type. That way, you never forget a single step of the listing process.

When we manage actions, you will never have to search to find out what needs to be done. In fact, everyday we will tell you exactly what you need to do for all of your listings. When you log-in, the first thing you will see is a list of all the tasks from each listing that are due today. By putting all your “to-do’s” in a central location, Brivity ensures that you get everything done as quickly as possible so you can focus on growing your business.

So… What is Brivity?

Brivity is the ultimate tool for real estate agents, used by some of the top nation’s top agents. Using Brivity you will be able to manage, market and communicate your business better than ever before. If you would be interested in saving time and making more money then visit Brivity’s website.



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