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We are ecstatic to introduce a big change in Brivity: the addition of Pendings and People! This feature update comes packed full with a ton of new updates, so here’s the low-down about what’s going on:

  • People: With this new feature, you now keep notes and tasks for people that you add to Brivity. Learn more about our people feature>>
  • Permissions: With the introduction of permissions, you can specify the extent to which different users can view your people and properties. Admin accounts in Brivity have viewing access to everything (all people, properties, and tasks). Agent accounts have access to people they’ve added, and properties and tasks that they are assigned to. External users can view, but not edit, the property, and completed, public activity associated to the property. Read more about permissions>> 
  • Action Instructions: When creating your action plans in your settings page, you may now add instructions to a task. Instructions can be viewed by clicking on an assigned task, and have the option to contain some HTML (including links). Read more about instructions>>
  • Roles: Roles for users are now defined based off a default list that you have customized Titles can be internal, or external. Read more about the different roles in Brivity>>
  • Email Frequency for Clients: Email frequency for clients is now set on an individual basis, when you assign the client a log in. Read more about email updates for clients>>
  • Pendings: You may now add your pending transactions into Brivity. Pending transactions are not visible to the public, and do not include an advertising plan, showing feedback, or photo upload. Read more about pending transactions>>
  • New Quick Search: Our new quick search tool makes it easy for you to search for a person or property from anywhere in our application. Just begin typing the name, email, or address and we will fill out the rest! Learn more about how to use our quick search>> 
  • New Action Plans: All default action plans have received an upgrade! You now have 8 pre-built property and person action plans: listed, buyer pending, listing pending, seller sold, buyer sold, Ben Kinney’s pre-listing, VA Action Plan and Past Client. Learn more about our recommended best practices for implementing each of these plans>>



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