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Marketing yourself and your listings is essential to your business.
Now do it right in Brivity!
A couple clicks and your posting on all the major social media sites, showing off your seller’s new listing to prospective buyers.
Check out the Marketing you can do with Brivity…

The Marketing systems in Brivity allow you to:

  • easily post on social media channels, inside Brivity
  • set reminders to post on each channel
  • see traffic for your listing – how many people are checking out your listing online?
  • automatically notify your seller of the advertising that you are doing for them

How it works

check out the how-to video>> will take you to all of your marketing options in Brivity.
You will know it is time to post something for one of your listings when you see a yellow bullhorn next to the Marketing tab. Grey means you don’t have anything to post that day 🙂


You will know which sites to post on because they will have color in the icons. The ones you don’t need to post on will be grayed out.



To post, simply click on the icon that has color. This will generate a quick-post for the site in a popup window.



After you have posted, click on the box icon to mark it as complete.

This will:

  • grey the icon – notifying you it has been posted
  • reset the timeline until you need to post again
  • will post on the timeline for the listing that it was been advertised on social media
  • notify your seller that it has been advertised in their daily/weekly email



You can set how often you want to post to Craigslist, ActiveRain, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest in your Settings menu under “Marketing”.



Just click and drag the orange lines to select the frequency, then click save. Track the traffic your listings are getting. See the number of view for each listing in the Marketing tab.



Happy marketing!


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