I’m An Agent… Will Brivity Work for Me?

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Brivity is not just for teams.  In fact, one of the goals when creating Brivity was to create something that would be effective whether you have anywhere from 2 to 200 active listings at a time.

Organize your business

The organization and management principles which make Brivity an excellent task management tool are perfect for agents. As an individual agent, Brivity acts as a personal assistant by reminding you of what needs to be done, emailing clients on your behalf, updating your client’s account, and creating listing marketing pages for you.  You can even add in quick reminders for your future self, and Brivity will make sure you know what needs to be done, and when. No matter how many listings you are working with, Brivity makes it easy to stay on top of everything so you will always have time to focus on earning new business.


Communicate with clients

Additionally, you still benefit from our transparent communication, email benefits and the listing marketing page.

Use our task management tools

Are you new to real estate?  Brivity’s pre-designed action plan templates are a quick way to get you started on the right track. The templates were designed by multiple top agents to include all of the basic tasks that we know you need to do. Simply update the template by changing the task to include your local MLS, and you’re set!   As you learn over time, the templates are a great way to make sure you’re new discoveries are implemented consistently across your growing business.

Simply put, Brivity is a tool that allows you to customize your plans, and then it guides you and makes you follow the plans, while doing much of the work for you and keeping your sellers informed so they always know how hard you are working. And it creates a unique webpage for each of your listings to attract buyers.


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