Diversify Your Communication Channels

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Story time. Last week I was sending emails to colleagues from my desk – which I consider my point of world control. I needed answers and wasn’t receiving them.

When we finally managed to meet in person I learned that many of our team leaders have so many emails coming in that they are not even answering them anymore! They have to filter through their overflowing inboxes and only respond to those that stand out. We had to develop a different way of talking with each other – texts for one, in-person drop-ins for another.

Lesson learned that day? The email is not the best way to communicate with everyone.
Don’t cancel your Gmail just yet, email is not obsolete.

In fact, a 2015 survey found that 89% of marketers say that email is their primary channel for lead generation.

But that doesn’t mean we should be putting all our lead generation “eggs” into email’s “basket.”

People’s email inboxes are overloaded. We’re inundated with promotions, special offers and spam on a daily basis – or should I say a continual, 24-7 basis.

It’s no wonder people tune out their email to some degree, so what can you do to combat your prospect’s dwindling attention span?

Diversify your channels

It’s important to reach your leads where they are at, and if that’s not in their email inbox, you need to look elsewhere.

Texting is the preferred method of communication among Millennials. Citing text messaging as “more convenient” and “less disruptive” than traditional phone calls, this generation is ready and willing to take your text.

The real estate industry is already moving this direction, with services such as Kwkly, the text-to-lead service that allows people actively looking at homes to text for information on a house they are viewing. The prospective buyers receive the text back courtesy of the agent subscribed to the service, and the agent receives the prospect’s phone number to follow up with a personalized text or call.

Nothing replaces the value of getting face-to-face with a prospective client. Networking, formal and informal alike, can give you the edge of an in person meeting. Who would you rather call? An agent you met at a community fundraiser or one you simply googled?

Be prepared with your “elevator speech” to explain what you do to prospects and consider having printed material to leave as a reminder of your meeting. Business cards or single-sided brochures can be a great leave-behind that stays around as a continual reminder of your services.

How to make your emails work

Granted, there will be times when you still want or need to send an email, so it pays to consider how you can increase your open rate.

To make sure your emails stand out focus on making the subject line personal and direct. In fact, emails with personalization in their subject lines see 26% more opens.

Once they’ve opened your email, make sure they can read it on their mobile device. Most email marketing marketing software will have you covered with responsive design for mobile – just be sure to check that you’re using a template that is responsive.

If you really want your recipients to open – and read! – your email, you may want to take the added step of following up with a phone call or text to direct their attention to the message waiting in their inbox.

Email is still an effective way to market, but you’ll notice a greater ROI when you pair it with new messaging channels such as text, along with good, old-fashioned verbal follow up.


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