All New Action and Advertising Plan Templates!

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With the keyword custom, we bring you the opportunity to build your own workflow, task plans, and definitions for your business. 

We know real estate agents have a variety of business, and the need to customize per client. Develop your workspace to reflect your market, specialties, and offerings. 

Check out the ways you can make Brivity yours:

Custom Property Types

Categorize your listings and adapt the details to the property type. This allows you to organize your listings, as well as see where your business lays. 

Your Brivity account comes with 8 property types, plus the ability to create your own as needed. Customize them even further by adding detail fields to each property type. For example, you could create the property type “Apartment” and add the custom field “Number of Floors” to all apartment descriptions. What details do you prefer for your reference? Plug them in to your preference. 

Easily see how many listings you have in each property type. This is an awesome was to see: 1) where you excel or specialize as an agent, and 2) a potential market where you could focus and expand.

Custom Action Plans

Create and configure your own action plans, or use the mega-agent approved templates for listed, pending, and sold properties that come with a Brivity account.

Customize task lists for everything you do, allowing you to quickly plug these in for all future transactions, leads, and projects. Then, you’re off and moving!

Create action plans for:

  • properties – listings, pendings, price reductions, anything you would apply to a property or a transaction
  • people – drip campaigns, follow-ups, touch systems, anything you would do for a lead or client
  • projects – client appreciation party, new employee on-boarding, anything you do for your business or self
  • advertising – plans for luxury or commercial listings, pre-listing marketing, any set of sites you use to advertise each property type

Taken directly from Ben Kinney’s real estate team, these task lists will guarantee you’ll never miss a step in the listing, pending, and sold process.
Missing something? Don’t worry-you can remove and add tasks and to-do’s to our pre-designed templates to accommodate them to your specific needs. Or create a whole new plan, just for you.

Custom Advertising Plans

Going with the customized theme, our Advertising Plan Templates are 100% customizable, as well! With more advertisers to choose from than ever before, sorted by Social Networks, National Real Estate Websites, Search Engines, and Classifieds, Brivity’s pre-designed advertising plans are guaranteed to get your listing the online coverage it needs. 

But if you’ve got a niche market with a cool online marketing platform, we’ve got you covered there too! Create your own Advertising Plan with links to all your favorite advertisers by clicking “Add Advertising Plan”. You can also add onto ours by clicking the “Add Advertiser” button next to the plan. It’s up to you, that’s the beauty of it.

Have a fantastic week everyone!


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