Using Social Media for Lead Gen. Part Three

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Once you’ve chosen the social media networks you’ll be posting to and started generating ideas for posts, it’s time to get strategic about when you’ll be posting as well as managing and tracking your social media efforts.

In this, the final part of our three-part series on using social media, we dive into these topics that will keep you on time and on track with your social media marketing.

How often to post

How often you post depends somewhat on the platform, for instance you’re likely to post more frequently on Twitter than LinkedIn based on each site’s audiences and how they use the networks.

No matter what platform you’re posting to, consistency is key. Whether you’re posting a few times a week on Facebook or adding monthly blog post to your website, keeping up with your social media posts week-in, week-out is important. If you drift off course and don’t post for a couple of weeks you’ll lose top-of-mind awareness with your audience and you may even find fewer people see your posts when you do start posting again.

Some general guidelines of frequency of posts for the different platforms are:

  • Facebook: 5-10 posts per week
  • Twitter: 3-5 posts per day
  • Pinterest: 5+ pins per day (don’t “pin dump” all at once!)
  • Instagram: No more than 2x per day
  • LinkedIn: No more than 2x per week

Social media marketers have dialed in the days of the week and times of day when posts have the best response. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that no one’s on the professional network LinkedIn on Fridays, but did you know a great time to Tweet is the lunch hour?

Get the scoop on best times to post on six of the major social networks with this infographic.

Managing your posts

If you have a presence on multiple platforms and you’re posting regularly, you may begin to feel like timing all these posts is going to be a logistical nightmare and huge time suck.

Never fear! With some advanced planning you can use scheduling software to push out posts in the future. Facebook has a scheduling option for its business pages, and there are several third-party automated schedulers that handle multiple platforms. Realtor magazine suggests checking out Buffer, Edgar, Friends+Me and Hootsuite.

Learn how Brivity helps you manage your posts

With automated scheduling, you can sit down to update social media just once or twice a week – and even schedule posts for while you’re on vacation! How’s that for putting technology to work for you?

With multiple channels posting at different times, and maybe even with different content, it’s vital to have a system in place to organize what gets posted when to which social network. Hubspot’s Social Media Calendar is a comprehensive tool to keep you on track.

Track your results

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and you might be wondering just how well your social media marketing is working. The wonderful thing about marketing in the digital age is that we can easily capture data about how many people, and even who, are seeing our messages and, more importantly, interacting with them.

In most social media platforms engagement is key. The more your audience is interacting with your posts (liking, commenting, sharing) the more visible your content will be.

So how can you know all of this?

Some platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter have built-in analytics that can tell you how your posts or tweets are performing as well as provide insights into your audience.

Many scheduling tools have analytics dashboards as well, including Hootsuite, Edgar and Buffer.

Other third-party companies have jumped into the analytics pool with their own tools. Some of these are free but many do have a subscription cost.

A strong social media presence can also bolster your website’s SEO, and Google Analytics is an excellent comprehensive (and free) way to track your website’s impact. For your website to really benefit from your social media marketing, it’s imperative that many posts include a link back to your website. Link to your website’s blog, event calendar or other helpful pages.


Thank you for following our blog series, we hope it was helpful.

Share your social media trials and successes with us as you use social media for your lead gen.


Happy posting!


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