Updates: Search options in Brivity

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As we build the big, exciting features, we also work to improve the little things that make it easier for you to use your Brivity system.

Since many of our upcoming features will depend on it, we knew that this was the time to improve the speed and options of Search!

Ways to search in Brivity

Some of us better remember names, or numbers. No matter your preference, find what your looking for quickly.

Search for transactions by their MLS number!



Search for people by Phone number! Don’t use symbols (only numbers) for best results.


search-2Bphone-2Bbrivity-1.png (1024×509)


Find all people associated with a transaction when you search for the address. (We used to just show clients, but now we display the Team and Collaborators too.


Screen-2BShot-2B2016-06-28-2Bat-2B1.13.28-2BPM-1.png (1024×404)


Re-designed search experience is easier to use on your phone, and indicates the Status of Transaction results as well as the Type of people right in the drop-down!


search-2Bon-2Bbrivity-1.png (1024×511)



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