Time for a Reset: September is the “other” January

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We commonly think of January as a time for new beginnings, but September has become its own sort of “reset” point. Author Gretchen Rubin has even dubbed September the “other January.” Kids are returning to school, and offices stop feeling like ghost towns after a wave of summer vacations.

September offers us the opportunity for a mid-year fresh start: a time to re-evaluate our business and get charged up for the final quarter of the year.

Marketing makeover

Summer may have been busy with listings, and if your market has quieted down some, this can be a great time to re-visit your marketing.

Have you been wanting to take a deep dive into using social media? Now may be a great time to put that back-to-school mentality to work for you and you learn a platform.

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Be sure to update any of your marketing that is out-of-season and look at creating some fun marketing just for the fall and winter.

As you review your marketing, you may want to include taking a closer look at the scripts you use; it’s time to get some ready for the holiday season. Get your voicemail and email scripts prewritten and get to know them down-pat. You’ll be golden to cruise into the next quarter.

Take time for training

Refresh your skills with new training opportunities. You may have time to attend those webinars and classes that you didn’t have time for over the summer.

Does your local title and escrow rep offer educational meetings? Does your brokerage give you access to webinars and training classes? Now is the time to take advantage of these and reconnect with pulse of the industry.

Finish strong

With luck, you had a busy, profitable summer, and no doubt you’ll want to capitalize on that momentum to finish the year.

While spring and summer are usually an agent’s busiest season, there’s still plenty of opportunity in the last quarter. With family vacations over, parents now have some time to reevaluate the market and look at potentially making a move to a new home. Plus buyers and sellers are often motivated to get transactions wrapped up before the winter holidays.

Feeling motivated for this fresh start? Great! Take a few minutes today to plan how you’ll use the “other January” to your advantage.

What are your new-quarter resolutions?


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