Get more listings! 10 scripts to overcome 10 seller objections

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As a realtor, listings are your bread and butter. Whether a listing presentation succeeds in convincing sellers to list, is about your ability to present yourself better than the competition. However, it typically starts with the ability to overcome seller objections (to listing the property, to pricing it a certain way, to listing with an agent rather than selling themselves, … Read More

People & Pendings

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We are ecstatic to introduce a big change in Brivity: the addition of Pendings and People! This feature update comes packed full with a ton of new updates, so here’s the low-down about what’s going on: People: With this new feature, you now keep notes and tasks for people that you add to Brivity. Learn more about our people feature>> Permissions: With … Read More

New Feature Update: Listing Timeline

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This week’s release introduces a big change in how you and your sellers can view your listings in Brivity- we’re excited to announce the new Listing Timeline! See and show off all that hard work you’re doing on those listings. All activity and tasks done for the property are there for you and your client to see.     Designed … Read More

Introducing our new quick post to Active Rain feature!

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Are you blogging on ActiveRain yet? If your answer is no, then you should definitely reconsider! Boasting over 346,966 professional members, ActiveRain is the biggest and most established professional social network and blogging platform in the real estate industry (source). If you want your listing to show up as a number one Google result, look no further than ActiveRain. Blogging for each of … Read More

All New Action and Advertising Plan Templates!

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With the keyword custom, we bring you the opportunity to build your own workflow, task plans, and definitions for your business.  We know real estate agents have a variety of business, and the need to customize per client. Develop your workspace to reflect your market, specialties, and offerings.  Check out the ways you can make Brivity yours: Custom Property Types Categorize … Read More

The Importance of Technology in Real Estate

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Technology is changing the way real estate agents do business, and as the real estate landscape changes it pays to know how you can make the most of these new advances. Almost anything can be automated, and it’s a huge benefit to today’s agent. Automation can save you time on administrative tasks, help keep your team on the same page, … Read More

Brivity’s Awesome New Marketing Tools

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Get Found.  Brivity gives you the tools to put you and your listings out there for potential buyers and clients to find. With virtual tours and advertising with you front-and-center, you’ve got built-in advertising right through Brivity! Check it out… Virtual Tours: Give sellers a reason to list with you, give buyers a good look at potential homes, and maintain … Read More

I’m An Agent… Will Brivity Work for Me?

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Absolutely! Brivity is not just for teams.  In fact, one of the goals when creating Brivity was to create something that would be effective whether you have anywhere from 2 to 200 active listings at a time. Organize your business The organization and management principles which make Brivity an excellent task management tool are perfect for agents. As an individual … Read More

What Does Brivity Do For Me?

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Here at Brivity, we know you’re busy. We know the basic day in the life for a real estate agent is hectic, unpredictable, and sometimes a little unorganized. We know what kind of program you’re looking for. We know all this because we’re real estate agents too. Brivity was designed by leading real estate agents for real estate agents to … Read More