New Feature! Chat with Support in Brivity

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We love to chat! Our new feature connects us to you immediately, in-app, to help with any issues and questions. Or if you just want to say hi! New Features: Chat with support instead of just calling or emailing! There’s a great new feature in the bottom right corner of the app that lets you reach out efficiently to our … Read More

New Features! Client Analytics, Custom Importing, Showing Feedback Notifications

MikeyBrivity News & Updates

We’ve added loads of little features that make your life easier. See your client’s time and interactions with Brivity. Get notified of showing requests. Customize your input options for lead information. Sigh, it’s the little things! New Features: See Your Client’s Usage Know when your client uses their Brivity page, and how long they stay – insight into their interest, … Read More

Features: Brivity Vaulation Imports, Filters

MikeyBrivity News & Updates

New Brivity has been out for a while, and our development team is in a pretty good groove. We’re excited to be spending more time every week on new features. New Features: Importing Even the Invalid Leads from Brivity Valuations To head off some of the issues we’ve been seeing with the Invalid person details error, we’ve gotten a little more … Read More

Features: Client + Transaction Libraries, Action Plan Options

MikeyBrivity News & Updates

At Brivity, we work to make your workspace visually interesting and informative. See at a glance all properties associated with a client, see all transactions assigned to a teammate. Use Action Plans to the best of your advantage. Check it out… New Features Connecting People and Transactions Quickly see all the transactions that you or your teammate has listed, pended, … Read More

Brivity Release: The Big one

MikeyBrivity News & Updates

  Welcome to the redesigned BrivityCRM! This facelift wasn’t the only thing we changed, we have added some awesome new features as well. The update was based on feedback from our customers and redesigning the BrivityCRM experience was done to better fit your needs; more user-friendly, intuitive, functional, and giving us the ability to add new features on a continual … Read More


MikeyReal Estate Technology

At Brivity, we want to give our new and current customers everything they need to use Brivity to its full potential. Whether you signed up at the Keller Williams Family Reunion or are a current Brivity user, we give the tools to help you utilize your account.     We have an hour-long live training webinar that is free! All you … Read More

New Feature Update: Published Listings, Pendings Page

MikeyBrivity News & Updates

Do you plan on marketing your listings in Brivity? Published listings are essentially single property pages advertising your listings. Benefits of published listings include: showing up on the first page of Google selling through our database at they can be used as marketing using our marketing tools Quick Click To Publish With our new feature, now you can quickly … Read More

New Feature! Marketing Page!

MikeyBrivity News & Updates

Marketing yourself and your listings is essential to your business. Now do it right in Brivity! A couple clicks and your posting on all the major social media sites, showing off your seller’s new listing to prospective buyers. Check out the Marketing you can do with Brivity… The Marketing systems in Brivity allow you to: easily post on social media … Read More

Feature Update! Showing Lead Capture

MikeyBrivity News & Updates

Brivity is a lead capture tool too! The outward facing advertisement that is created with every listing has an option for potential buyers to request a showing and more info. A bonus ad for you to capture new interested leads! All new “Request a showing” lead capture form     On the bottom of each listing’s property website is a … Read More

People & Pendings

MikeyBrivity News & Updates

We are ecstatic to introduce a big change in Brivity: the addition of Pendings and People! This feature update comes packed full with a ton of new updates, so here’s the low-down about what’s going on: People: With this new feature, you now keep notes and tasks for people that you add to Brivity. Learn more about our people feature>> Permissions: With … Read More