New Features! Team and Lead Management

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We’ve released a whole slew of features that allow you to Manage Access to people in batches, as well as to select a Primary Agent. This gives you control of who has access to your clients, share leads among your team, and do it all with the ease of a couple clicks.

New Features: Team and Lead Management

We’re making it easy for you to organize your leads and assign team members with:

  • A batch function allows the transfer of a group of clients with just a couple clicks
  • An adaptive Primary Agent assignment function that allows you to assign a client to the agent of your choice, and defaults to the account owner with any future changes

How it works:

Administrators and the Account owner have the ability to manage access as a batch function (so that you can share multiple people at a time). Use multi-select from a People Index page and to see the Manage Access button, then use the checkboxes on the right to select whom you’d like to grant, or revoke access from.



We let you know which users already have access to some, all, or none of the people you’ve selected.



You can select a Primary Agent for any person in your database! We’ve set the Primary Agent on current contacts to be the user who added the person to Brivity, and users will be made the Primary agent for any people they personally add in the future.



You can see who the Primary agent is for a person in the top snippet on their profile. If you manage access and change the Primary Agent, you’ll see this update right away. Additionally, if you click the “Manage Access” button on a person’s profile, you will see the option to select a Primary agent (there can only be one).



If the user you’re selecting to become the Primary Agent for a person didn’t have access to them previously, we’ll give them access automatically, which saves you a couple more clicks.

You can’t always take access to a person away from Administrators or the Account Owner, or from the user who added the person to the account. If you hover over this nifty little lock icon, we’ll tell you what’s going on.



From any People Index, you can use the same method of Managing Access to select a Primary Agent for up to 50 people at a time. You’ll notice that when you make someone Primary Agent, we make sure to give them access if they didn’t have it.



If you deactivate a user who was part of your Team, we’ll reassign the people they were Primary Agent for back to the people who originally added them to the system. If they created them, or if those other people also don’t exist, we make the Account Owner the Primary Agent for those people.

Along the same line, we’ll make sure that people in your account who were added by users who are no longer on your team are re-assigned to the Account Owner for the time being.




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