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Updated filters let you find exactly what you’re looking for quickly. Narrow your focus and complete your list.

You can filter to just see Buyers, or Sellers, or Seller/Buyers, or Tenants, or to just see those who haven’t had their Intention categorized yet!



Toggle people Type and Status selections with these nice colored buttons.



Filter your contacts by who their Primary Agent is! This is super handy for Admins who send emails on behalf of their colleagues. Simply start typing to search for a teammate and when you select them, they’ll appear below!


Sphere-2BPrime-2Bagent-1.png (1024×503)
Curious if he filter is applied or not? The button is blue when a filter is applied and white when it’s not.


agent-2Bfiltered-1.png (1024×506)


Watch the count in the context bar to let you know how many people meet the criteria that you’ve filtered by.


number-2Bpeople-2Bfiltered-1.png (1024×306)


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