New Features! Drip Emails and Primary Agent assignment

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Our dev team has been chugging along at some pretty exciting features that have been requested by you, including DRIP EMAILS and Assigning tasks to a Primary agent!

Set it and forget it with drip emails from custom templates.

Assign the right agent every time to every task with one click.

Brivity is bringing you automation to make your business more efficient and ultimately earn you more time and money.

Drip Emails

Brivity has added its own automated drip function so you can easily schedule your drip emails for the right times and the right audience. Save time by setting up automatic communication with your clients.

The drip campaign feature allows you to:

  • Make messaging a snap with Brivity’s email templates. And customize your own.
  • View upcoming email blasts.
  • Log all communication you have with your clients – an excellent way to keep track of your conversations and exchanges.
  • Add your emails to action plans to quickly apply to each new client. Get the ball rolling without starting over each time.
  • Sit back, Brivity will send out the emails for you, as you.

Assigning tasks to a Primary agent

Action plans have become even more dynamic! You can assign tasks to the “Primary Agent” instead of an individual user to create tasks that will automatically be assigned to the teammate in this role. Not only will this save you tons of time, but as your team changes, you won’t have to edit your action plans as much.

  • Build out your action plans, assigning tasks to the role that changes names often.
  • Start your transaction as usual, adding the agent….
  • and BOOM! all those tasks are assigned to the lead agent. You don’t have to edit!


Learn more about these features in action (with how-tos):

Working with the Drip feature: Use email actions which allow you to schedule and apply a series of email templates to a person the same way you would apply task actions.



To set up your Drip Campaign, add an email action to a People Action plan by selecting the email template you want, when you want it to send, and choose how many days after application of the action plan that you want the email to go out.


brivity-create-drip-email.png (1200×393)


You can see scheduled emails on the Interaction tab for a person who has had that action plan applied. Sent emails display as usual, while scheduled emails display a Blue (upcoming) date and time that they will be sent.



Scheduled emails will be sent from the email address of the Primary Agent associated with the person you’ve applied the plan to, so an admin can go through and apply plans. Note that if you change the primary agent after applying the plan, the emails will still be set to come from the original primary agent.

Apply Action Plans to multiple people at a time from the People index pages! This is super handy when you’ve just added a bunch of people to your account and need to get the all started on your newly added Drip Campaigns.


apply-action-plan-multi.jpg (1200×520)


Assigning tasks to a Primary agent
Assign tasks to the “Primary Agent” instead of an individual user to create tasks that will automatically be assigned to the teammate in this role.


brivity-select-primary-agent.png (1200×498)


You’ll see a “primary” icon in the “who (is responsible for this task)” column of your action plan.


brivity-assign-to-primary-agent.png (1200×657)


When you apply the action plan, those tasks will automatically be assigned to whomever is the primary agent on that Person or Transaction.

 brivity-primary-agent-on-person.png (1200×224)



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