New Features! Client Analytics, Custom Importing, Showing Feedback Notifications

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We’ve added loads of little features that make your life easier. See your client’s time and interactions with Brivity. Get notified of showing requests. Customize your input options for lead information.

Sigh, it’s the little things!

New Features:

See Your Client’s Usage
Know when your client uses their Brivity page, and how long they stay – insight into their interest, and an opportunity to tailor their experience to their needs.

We implemented a timeline for a Person! You can get to it by going to their profile and clicking the “timeline” tab.



See when Viewers and Users have logged in from their timeline. Brivity makes a record every hour they’re on the site.



Showing Feedback Notifications
We make a note for the profile of the Primary Agent if one of their transactions receives a showing request. You can see them from the notes tab of your profile.



Import Your Way
We’ve expanded import to include more fields and simplified our guidelines for your file. You can now import Personal and Work emails, Work and Mobile phone numbers, Marital Status, and Anniversary, Facebook and Twitter profile URLs, both Home, Work and Mailing addresses for each contact.



While expanding the fields, we’ve also loosened things up so that as long as the headers are correct, you can arrange the columns in your CSV to your liking.


Keep Your Workspace Clean
with the ability to fully delete transactions and people. Declutter, or reverse unnecessary files.

You can permanently delete transactions (not just archive) from the Archived Transactions Index by using the multi-select checkboxes and clicking the “delete” button that appears, or by clicking the red “X” next to the edit pen. After acknowledging the confirmation in the modal that appears, any selected transactions and their associated notes, advertising, etc. will be removed from your system.




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