New Feature Update: Published Listings, Pendings Page

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Do you plan on marketing your listings in Brivity? Published listings are essentially single property pages advertising your listings.

Benefits of published listings include:

  • showing up on the first page of Google
  • selling through our database at
  • they can be used as marketing using our marketing tools

Quick Click To Publish

With our new feature, now you can quickly publish your listings when you create them by choosing “Published” in the drop down on the Property Details Page.

First, click the plus next the listing tab to create a new listing.



Follow the prompts to set up your new listings. You’ll end on the Property Page where you can add all the details.



Be sure to change your “Published State” to Published, and your listing “Status” to Active! Then your listings will be up and running online for prospective buyers to find.



Don’t want to publish right away? No worries–you can always go into your listings’ edit details page and change the “Published Status” back to Draft.

Changes on the Pendings Page

Now, both and will store all of your pending, sold, expired, withdrawn, and archived transactions for both your buyers and sellers.

They will be differentiated either by the filter “B” for Buyer or “S” for Seller in front of the address. You can also see your total Listing and Buyer Transactions at the top.



Remember, creating a buyer pending transaction is still just as simple as clicking the plus sign next to the Transactions tab.



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