New Feature Update: Listing Timeline

MikeyReal Estate Technology

This week’s release introduces a big change in how you and your sellers can view your listings in Brivity- we’re excited to announce the new Listing Timeline!

See and show off all that hard work you’re doing on those listings. All activity and tasks done for the property are there for you and your client to see.



Designed to more efficiently organize your listing’s information and activity, Listing Timeline allows you and your sellers to view a listing’s activity in a chronological order.

Clicking on the link for a listing (under the “Listing” tab) will take you directly to that property’s Timeline view. There, you will see all recent activity:

  • photos uploaded
  • advertising posted
  • tasks completed
  • feedback and notes recorded

Your seller will also have access to this view when they log in to Brivity (unless, of course, you’ve marked a task, note, or feedback as “private”!)

Enjoy your new view!


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