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Here at Brivity we strive to create an all-inclusive workspace that allows agents and teams to jump between as little programs as possible when running their business.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce the Projects feature for Brivity CRM! Now you can manage all the moving parts of your business, not just the ones related to a specific transaction, lead or client.

You love what you do and your Brivity CRM helps you stay on track with the details of every transaction, impressing your clients and making more time for more deals.

It’s easy to forget to work on your business when you’re busy working in your business, but now your Brivity CRM can make all your business projects run as smoothly as your transactions.

The Projects feature provides a powerful one-stop-shop for all the jobs required to keep your business successful.

Bring your team together, or keep yourself on track with features designed to rock a project from beginning to end:

  • Collaborate and delegate; add team members and assign tasks. Everyone can see what others are working on, when they should be done, and when they have completed a task. This allows the project leader to oversee progress, as well as saving time in check-ins and meetings.
  • Prioritize with status updates and priority settings. Update you and your team on progress and see at a glance the more demanding projects on your plate.
  • Set milestones and deadlines to keep up with the important steps. Customize your milestones for the steps in your projects, and set the date to complete the “first draft” or “send in the deposit”.
  • Share and store documents in the same place. Share the photos with the graphic designer, and send the PDF to your assistant. Everyone can access at any time, keeping the flow going.
  • Create an template action plan for recurring projects, and add it quickly to your next project. You’ll be off and running with a click!
  • See at a glance all that has been done, by whom, and where the pieces are in the Timeline overview. Know your project is working towards completion, and never wonder if you’ve already done something.

Let’s take a look at how it works (with how-tos):

View all of your Projects—and their most important details—from the Projects index page. Know right away which are your highest priorities and need the most attention.


Screen-2BShot-2B2016-08-19-2Bat-2B12.46.48-2BPM-1.png (1024×465)


Click the [+] button in the left navigation panel to create a new Project. Required fields are indicated with a red *. Set your pace here with a status and a deadline.


Screen-2BShot-2B2016-08-19-2Bat-2B12.47.37-2BPM-1.png (1024×435)
Once you’ve created the Project, you can add your teammates and designate the Primary person.This is great for team leaders, as you can assign a whole project to the appropriate person to take point as “Project Leader”.


brivity-edit-project-team-1.jpg (1024×316)


Add custom Details and Milestones for each Project. Writing a description allows team members to come in and understand the theme and needs right away, as well as keeping everyone on track with the purpose and direction of the project.


brivity-cutom-details-milestones-projects-1.jpg (1024×506)


From the Project page, you can see a snippet of details about the Project, the teammates associated with the Project, and the workflow area (similar to transactions). Hover over the email icon to see their email address and click it to send an email. Hover over the phone number to see the phone number.


brivity-projects-1.jpg (1024×458)


Create and manage Action Plans for projects just like People and Transactions! Find them below People plans when you go to the Settings area and click the Action Plans tab.

It’s helpful to create action plans for project types you do often, so you don’t have to take the time manually entering these each time. When the next project comes up, you’ll be ready to go in one click!


project-action-plans-1.jpg (1024×457)


Apply an Action Plan to a Project by clicking the blue button in the context bar.


apply-project-action-plan-1.jpg (1024×385)


The timeline shows all completed tasks, notes, and uploaded documents on the Project. See the progress, check on the efforts of you team, and never double-up or back!


brivity-project-timeline-1.jpg (1024×515)


Add and manage tasks & notes for Projects just like on People or Transactions.
Add individual tasks for customization. Making notes along the way on issues, important information, or changes.


Screen-2BShot-2B2016-08-22-2Bat-2B1.21.39-2BPM-1.png (1024×445)

Screen-2BShot-2B2016-08-22-2Bat-2B1.22.08-2BPM-1.png (1024×545)


Upload, view and manage Documents for each individual Project. The team can easily share through here, and it’s stored forever for reference.


Screen-2BShot-2B2016-08-22-2Bat-2B1.23.53-2BPM-1.png (1024×546)


You can see a list of all the projects a person is associated with on their Person page.


brivity-person-projects-1.jpg (1024×509)


So what’s your next project? Use the tools in the Brivity CRM to make the process easier, and get the work done on time without breaking a sweat.


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