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Communication is King; and the bread-and-butter of your business. Brivity understands this, that’s why we’ve expanded our features for conversations and exchanging important information.

Communicate and share all your business needs with Document Management and Internal Messaging in Brivity! Share and store documents with clients and teammates. Communicate with your team in the same workspace you share. Collaboration is easy!

Document Management

More opportunity a for one-stop work space! Now you can store and share documents for a client, transaction, or project. Upload paperwork to sign, images to share, addendums to file. Having everything you’re working on all in one place will keep you and your team on track. The feature is as simple and helpful as it sounds:

  • Upload a wide variety of documents -.csv  .pdf  .jpg  .png  .gif  .docx  and .xlsx – allowing you to share just about any document you need for your business.
  • See a preview online before downloading.
  • Store as many as you like, forever.

Internal Messaging / “Conversations”

Log all communication between your team and partners in Brivity, linking all discussions to that transaction. Chat about sign orders, paperwork received and upcoming tasks, and all members of that transaction will get notifications to join the conversation. Never miss a beat with your team, and have it forever saved for your reference.

  • Conversations are for team members only – so you can do all your behind-the-scenes chat privately.
  • Notifications show inside Brivity AND through an email, so no one misses a message.
  • A quick preview in Brivity allows you to check the message and choose to reply then, or get back to work and reply later.

Now let’s see these features at work (with how-tos):

Working the Document feature:

You’ll notice a new tab at the top of  the Workflow area. Uploaded documents are visible to everyone on the transactions including any teammates who have access to the transaction and all Clients and Collaborators.




Click the Upload Document button to begin uploading a document. We support files up to 15MB with the following extensions: .csv  .pdf  .jpg  .png  .gif  .docx  and .xlsx. When you upload a document you’ll see the name and extension of the file on the documents tab.



You can preview a file by clicking the file-type icon, or download it by clicking the download icon in the top right-hand corner, and you can remove a file by clicking the black X.



Working the Internal Messaging feature:

You can see them from the new tab in the Workflow area on a transaction, person, or project.



Start a new conversation by clicking the “+” icon and entering the topic of the conversation and the first message.



All teammates associated with the transaction will receive an email (with a small preview of the message) and an internal notification that the conversation has been started, and will continue to receive notifications and emails for each subsequent reply.



Messages are marked read once they’ve been viewed, and you can reply by clicking the button at the top of the screen, or by typing in the box near the bottom of the messages. New messages will be added to the bottom of the thread.




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