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The all-important Calendar, where would we be without it?! You’re google calendar is probably a colorful mix of personal, business, and shared events. Focus on business deadlines with a snapshot right in your workspace.

Working to make your business easier, and more transparent, check out Brivity’s new Calendar view!

See your week, month and year laid out in one easy format, highlighting appointments and important deadlines. The calendar will show you close dates, inspection due dates and other important deadlines to help you stay on top of your business.

  • Use the quick glance key to know what type of appointment it is – inspection, closing, expiration.
  • Quickly see who (client) or what (property) the deadline is about. Go straight to work by clicking on the event.
  • Filter your events to focus on your current needs. Looking forward to your monthly closings? Filter and get the complete list.
  • Bonus for teams: filter by agent and get a quick count of their transactions and appointments.
  • Calendar view is live and fully responsive to work on any device! Check your schedule on the go.

The essential snapshot to keep track of your important business deadlines before the day they are due.

Let’s take a look at how it works (with how-tos):

Our first release of the Calendar view includes events for Transactions (but excludes events on transactions in withdrawn or archived status) Clicking on individual dates will open the Transaction they are associated with in a new tab, and you can move forward or back one month at a time with the arrow buttons.


brivity-calendar-events.png (1200×660)


The icon shows whether it is a contractual date (house icon) or an appointment (datebook icon) and the color of the icon matches the status of the Transaction. You can hover over the icon to see the exact event type.


brivity-types-of-events.png (1200×350)


If you have more than 3 events on a single day, you can click the “see all” link in the top-right corner of the date to see a full list of all events and their event type.


brivity-view-all-calendar-events.png (1200×350)


The icon for calendar in the left navigation panel is colored when you have events today. When you don’t, it will be grey.


brivity-calendar-icon.png (1200×328)


Filter the events on your calendar by Event Type, Primary Agent, Transaction Type, and Transaction Status.


Screen+Shot+2016-08-11+at+12.02.58+PM.png (1413×634)


After filtering, you can see the number events this month that fit your filter specifications from the Context bar!


brivity-number-of-events.jpg (1200×291)


Calendar looks great on your phone too! Just click on a date with dots on it to bring up a list of events happening that day.


brivity-calendar-mobile.jpg (1000×1001)



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