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Brivity Introduces Lead Integratioin Contingent Tasks & Actions Custom Tags & Filter and More

At Brivity, we aim to empower agents, teams and businesses of all sizes by providing the tools and features you need to improve efficiency and communication, so nothing falls through the cracks and you sell more homes. In recent weeks, we’ve introduced lead integration to keep all of your leads in one place, contingent tasks to automate your workflow, contingent actions to organize and streamline action plans, and custom tags and filters which allows for an organized database and targeted email campaigns.

Brivity CRM’s new features are a direct response to customer requests. We’re confident that they’ll dramatically improve your workflow and increase your ROI.


Lead Integration / Lead Import

View all your leads in one place – Brivity CRM. We now integrate with multiple lead generation sources as well as allow you to import leads directly into Brivity CRM. Use one of our lead gen tools or a Zapier integration to push all leads into your Brivity CRM account and categorize your leads by any number of sources.

Brivity App Store integration page

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Contingent Tasks

Use contingent tasks when you need a task to occur before or after a milestone date of an event that is associated with a Person, Transaction, or Project. For example, you might schedule a task to call a past client the day before their anniversary to wish them well and see how they’re liking their new house.
You can also make the task recurring every # of days or on a particular day of the week or month.

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Contingent Actions

You can now link actions together so that the completion of one action or milestone triggers the start of the next action using contingent actions. Build your pending plan before or after a milestone, or create a listing plan to be reminded of the expiration date. Contingent actions also allow you to use contingencies with tasks and emails so that after a task is complete, an email will automatically be sent. You could also set up automatic birthday or anniversary emails to be sent out every year.
Contingent Actions

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Custom Tags & Filters

Create custom tagging to easily filter and sort through your CRM database to send targeted emails.
Inside any client profile, you can now add custom tags – grouping them together and using categories that are specific to your team. From the “Settings” tab, you’ll be able to see a list of all tags created with the number of contacts with each tab.

You can also filter groups of people by status, primary agent, intention and tags.

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In addition to new features, we are regularly making improvements to existing features to make them easier to use and more effective for you.

You can now multi-select tasks on both the Task Index page and the Tasks tab of the workflow in a Person or Transaction, to mark tasks as complete, delete tasks, postpone the due date, or reassign the tasks to another team member. This is useful when team members are out sick, if a transaction date gets pushed out, or if you need to quickly delete a group of tasks.

We also introduced the ability to assign tasks based on the role of a team member and the ability to designate the primary agent. This allows you to assign the primary agent for a particular property or task, which gives you another way to keep your team organized.

The Brivity Platform

Now you can get all of these capabilities in one system -- the Brivity Platform, which includes a custom IDX website, CMA tool, home valuation sites, and text-to-lead tools, all accessible from your Brivity CRM account.



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