Introducing our new quick post to Active Rain feature!

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Are you blogging on ActiveRain yet? If your answer is no, then you should definitely reconsider!
Boasting over 346,966 professional members, ActiveRain is the biggest and most established professional social network and blogging platform in the real estate industry (source). If you want your listing to show up as a number one Google result, look no further than ActiveRain.
Blogging for each of your listings may seem a bit tedious. Well that’s where Brivity comes in!
With our quick post to ActiveRain feature, agents can get their listing on Active Rain in a matter of seconds.

About Active Rain: Benefits of being a Rainmaker are numerous-the support among agents within the network is both powerful and extremely positive, the knowledge is abundant, and AR bloggers rank exceedingly well on Google search results. The AR team is a wealth of knowledge, giving educational webinars on all things real estate and SEO (search engine optimization).

Taking advantage of this wealth is easy inside Brivity.

Similar to our Craigslist posting feature, here’s how it’s done:

Click the Active Rain icon on the Marketing page.



Active Rain will open in a new tab, with a new blog post already started! The code you need will simultaneously be copied to the paste-board. Click on the “source code” button in active rain,




then right click (or ctr+v) to paste your content into text box that pops up.



Click OK to finish and close the modal. You’ll see your image and content appear in the text box. Edit if you wish, add a title and Publish!


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