Get More Listings Part 2

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Here are the rest of the 10 potential seller objections and 10 scripts developed by Ben Kinney, a mega-agent with Keller Williams, that will win you the listing (plus one bonus script at the end!).

#6 They say…  

I would like your best price on what my home is worth so I can see if you’re in the ballpark as to what other agents have told me.

You say…

I don’t go to a listing presentation with a CMA written on it, that’s just a number that agents give you to get you to list with them. I would never give a price until I see the inside of a property and what condition it’s in, that’s just ridiculous.

Instead, what I do is give you the 5-5-5. I take actual listings of 5 active properties, 5 sold properties, and 5 expired listings. 

I have a number in my mind, but before I tell you, I want your opinion of a reasonable price to get your home sold within the least amount of time.

#7 They say…

They give you a price that is unrealistic.
You say…

If they come up with an unrealistic number, ask them which (of the 5-5-5) homes supports that price. Because when we sell your home, most people are going to be buying with a loan and you’re going to have to get an appraisal. If that appraisal comes in low, we’re going to have to cancel the contract and I don’t want to put you and your family through that.

#8 They say…

Another agent told me my home would sell for $300,000, but you said you think we should list it at $260,000.  Why the difference?

You say…

What we don’t want to do is make your home a bouncing ball rolling down the hill over time. 

What I want to do is market your property at the right price right away. What we see is that your property will get the most activity between the first 30-45 days it’s on the market.

There is no reason to start high and then have to continue to reduce the price.  What we want to do is get a bunch of offers in at the same time and have them all competing for your home. 

Does that make sense to you?

#9 They say…

I have two friends who sold their home as FSBOs very quickly at top dollar. Why not just save the money and sell it myself?

You say…

Some people are lucky to sell their home on their own and I don’t know when they sold it or what kind of market they are/were in but let me give you the statistics.

The National Association of Realtors says that of the people who have tried to sell their home on their own, 86% of them will eventually had to list with a realtor like me. This means only 14% of them were able to sell their homes successfully by themselves. Of that 14%, 50% of those people sold their homes to someone they already knew.

Of the remaining 7% who successfully sold their home to someone they didn’t know, they ended up selling their home for 10-12% less than what their home was worth, and if it were marketed by a professional like me. 

So, if you’re paying about 6% to get your property listed and sold, you’re essentially making 4-6% on your home when listing with me.

#10 They say

Company X claims they sell more in the neighborhood than all the other brokers combined. Why would I want to hire you?
You say…

What the brokerage does is they take independent people and cram all their numbers together to make it look like they do a really good job in the area.

The buyers don’t contact the brokers they contact the agent. Sellers don’t hire a brokerage, they hire an agent like me. You don’t want to hire a successful brokerage, you want to hire a successful agent.

#11 – Bonus! They say…

You said you’re a fairly new real estate agent. Why would I hire you instead of somebody who has been doing this for 20 years?
You say…

Someone who has been doing this for 20+ years probably doesn’t have the marketing strategies that I have. They are set in their ways of doing things that might not work as well today –in a social media, web-based market to get your home sold in the fastest amount of time.

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