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We all have the ability to give back to our community in some way. Writing a check may be the most expedient way to give, but it may not be the most noticeable or impactful.

Instead, consider becoming actively involved in your community.


Reputation does matter, and you can positively affect yours by:

  • Attending local events and fundraisers;
  • Volunteering for good works projects;
  • Sponsoring a project or event of your own.

Benefits of being active

By being out in public you are creating connections that may generate leads down the line, but, more importantly, you are creating goodwill in the community for you and your business.

You’ll also get to know your community better, and being an expert on your community makes you a better agent.

From a marketing standpoint, event sponsorship can give you excellent visibility. You can remind your contacts about upcoming events you’re sponsoring via social media, posting to online community calendars, and even sending pre- and post-event press releases to local news outlets.

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Ideas for involvement

Now that you’re ready to get out there and make your mark, what will you choose to do?

You make look to your local chamber of commerce or service organization (such as Rotary or Kiwanis) to find worthwhile events to attend or volunteer for. You can also check within the industry for opportunities. For example, Keller Williams Realty sponsors its annual RED Day. KW associates spend this day away from their businesses, serving worthy organizations and causes in their communities.

You also can choose to directly sponsor an event within your community or even create an event linked to a good cause.

When choosing a sponsorship opportunity remember to be genuine. Don’t organize a fundraiser for dogs if you don’t like pets. Instead, find a cause that resonates with you.

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Here at our home office in Bellingham, Wash., Ben Kinney and Keller Williams sponsor the “Food Truck Round Up” to benefit the food banks throughout our county. Many of our agents volunteer at the fun Saturday event because it’s a cause that we know positively impacts our community – nearly 20% of Bellingham residents regularly visit the food bank.

Whether you choose to make your mark by getting involved with a community organization by serving on its board, volunteering to lead a local Scout group or sponsoring an event, connecting with the community will get you noticed in ways large and small.

The added benefit?

You know you’re making a positive impact.


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