Features: Client + Transaction Libraries, Action Plan Options

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At Brivity, we work to make your workspace visually interesting and informative.
See at a glance all properties associated with a client, see all transactions assigned to a teammate.
Use Action Plans to the best of your advantage. Check it out…

New Features

Connecting People and Transactions
Quickly see all the transactions that you or your teammate has listed, pended, and closed. A perfect way for a team leader to see the portfolio of each of their agents.

You can now see all of the Transactions that a person (or user) has been added to as a Teammate or a Collaborator. We load the first 4 to save space and scrolling, but when you expand the box, you can see ALL of the transactions, and the status each of them are in:



You can also see all of the Transactions that a person has been added to as a Client! Keep track of repeat business and see all properties you have with a client. They appear in separate little boxes below their person snippet!



Action Plan Options
Bring back old plans, re-order tasks to make your plans match your workflow.

Archived action plans are able to be re-instated and then used if you change your mind about de-activating them. The even better news, is that if you de-activated them before this was a feature, we still saved those for you too!



Also action plan related: Easily drag to re-order actions! We still sort actions by due date, but if you have multiple actions within a given date, you can arrange them to be in any order you want.



We’re still enjoying your feedback, so keep it coming! Just add “Feedback: name of feature” to the subject of your message!


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