Features: Brivity Vaulation Imports, Filters

MikeyBrivity News & Updates

New Brivity has been out for a while, and our development team is in a pretty good groove. We’re excited to be spending more time every week on new features.

New Features:

Importing Even the Invalid Leads from Brivity Valuations
To head off some of the issues we’ve been seeing with the Invalid person details error, we’ve gotten a little more strict about how we import your leads from Brivity Valuations.

If a lead enters an invalid email on your Valuations page, we’ll still add them to Brivity for you to follow up with, but we add the invalid email address as a Note in their description so that it doesn’t get bogged down in the upload process.



Filtered Tasks for an Admin
We’ve made our first round of changes to how your tasks are filtered. As an Administrator or the Account Owner, we default to show only your tasks when you first log in; you can still un-filter to see everyone’s tasks, but now your default to-do list is more representative of the work that you actually have to do.

The number of tasks in the Context bar is how many of the tasks are yours, while the numbers in the left navigation bar reflect how many tasks everyone in the account has. Once you remove the filter to “show all” tasks, the numbers should match.



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