Everything You Need to Know About Brivity’s Action Plan Templates

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Real estate agents are busy people. We have endless task lists, numerous listings, and needy clients. And on top of that, often we work in teams of up to 5 or more people, and need to collaborate among all the different team members.

We can sympathize with the frustration that comes with paper checklists and Google Calendars.

Introducing the Brivity solution: pre-designed, customizable Action Plan Templates, which take you through each step of the listing process, saving you valuable time and wasted frustration.

Here’s how agents save time using Brivity’s action plans:

Step 1:
Enter your listing into the MLS as usual. This will make your listing active and ready to be on the market.

Step 2:
Input your listing into Brivity. At this point you’ll already have all the information you need, so this step should only take you an additional 2 minutes to copy and paste.

Step 3:
This step is all about what we do for you. As you input your listing into Brivity, you will be prompted to assign it an action plan. You can choose our default “just listed” checklist, customize our checklists by adding or removing specific tasks, or you can create an entirely new action plan based on your listing’s specific needs and features. No matter what action plan you choose, a list is immediately produced of all your current to-do’s, beginning right away!

Step 4:
Go through your tasks! Because Brivity’s tasks are generated based on what needs to be done first, you’ll save time because you will always know exactly what needs to get done right away and will never forget a thing.

Step 5:
Your first step every morning should be to log in to Brivity. The first thing you will see is a set of tasks, organized so you know exactly what needs to be done with every listing that day. You’ll never be off task, do unnecessary work, or lose track of a listing again.

Added bonus...
As you complete your tasks, we let your client know too! Not only are they alerted of all completed tasks in their own personal Brivity account, we also send them a daily (or weekly, depending on their preferences) email which details all completed tasks, advertisements, notes, and buyer feedback.


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