March 2017 feature update

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Brivity Introduces Lead Integratioin Contingent Tasks & Actions Custom Tags & Filter and More

At Brivity, we aim to empower agents, teams and businesses of all sizes by providing the tools and features you need to improve efficiency and communication, so nothing falls through the cracks and you sell more homes. In recent weeks, we’ve introduced lead integration to keep all of your leads in one place, contingent tasks to automate your workflow, contingent … Read More

Ben Kinney’s biggest secret…

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This is my biggest secret. For four years I have been planning and building and connecting the dots. The fact that we have to pay for 20 different software services, re-enter leads, listings, and pendings, and end up using what I can only describe as the creme of the crap software services ticks me off. When we work so hard … Read More

New Feature! Projects

MikeyBrivity News & Updates

Here at Brivity we strive to create an all-inclusive workspace that allows agents and teams to jump between as little programs as possible when running their business. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce the Projects feature for Brivity CRM! Now you can manage all the moving parts of your business, not just the ones related to a specific transaction, … Read More

New Feature! Document Management & Internal Messaging

MikeyBrivity News & Updates

Communication is King; and the bread-and-butter of your business. Brivity understands this, that’s why we’ve expanded our features for conversations and exchanging important information. Communicate and share all your business needs with Document Management and Internal Messaging in Brivity! Share and store documents with clients and teammates. Communicate with your team in the same workspace you share. Collaboration is easy! … Read More

New Feature! Calendar

MikeyBrivity News & Updates

The all-important Calendar, where would we be without it?! You’re google calendar is probably a colorful mix of personal, business, and shared events. Focus on business deadlines with a snapshot right in your workspace. Working to make your business easier, and more transparent, check out Brivity’s new Calendar view! See your week, month and year laid out in one easy format, … Read More

New Features! Drip Emails and Primary Agent assignment

MikeyBrivity News & Updates

Our dev team has been chugging along at some pretty exciting features that have been requested by you, including DRIP EMAILS and Assigning tasks to a Primary agent! Set it and forget it with drip emails from custom templates. Assign the right agent every time to every task with one click. Brivity is bringing you automation to make your business … Read More

Updates: Search options in Brivity

MikeyBrivity News & Updates

As we build the big, exciting features, we also work to improve the little things that make it easier for you to use your Brivity system. Since many of our upcoming features will depend on it, we knew that this was the time to improve the speed and options of Search! Ways to search in Brivity Some of us better … Read More

New Features! Filters

MikeyBrivity News & Updates

Filters Updated filters let you find exactly what you’re looking for quickly. Narrow your focus and complete your list. You can filter to just see Buyers, or Sellers, or Seller/Buyers, or Tenants, or to just see those who haven’t had their Intention categorized yet!     Toggle people Type and Status selections with these nice colored buttons.     Filter … Read More

New Features! Team and Lead Management

MikeyBrivity News & Updates

We’ve released a whole slew of features that allow you to Manage Access to people in batches, as well as to select a Primary Agent. This gives you control of who has access to your clients, share leads among your team, and do it all with the ease of a couple clicks. New Features: Team and Lead Management We’re making … Read More

New Feature! Chat with Support in Brivity

MikeyBrivity News & Updates

We love to chat! Our new feature connects us to you immediately, in-app, to help with any issues and questions. Or if you just want to say hi! New Features: Chat with support instead of just calling or emailing! There’s a great new feature in the bottom right corner of the app that lets you reach out efficiently to our … Read More