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Welcome to the redesigned BrivityCRM! This facelift wasn’t the only thing we changed, we have added some awesome new features as well. The update was based on feedback from our customers and redesigning the BrivityCRM experience was done to better fit your needs; more user-friendly, intuitive, functional, and giving us the ability to add new features on a continual basis. Here are the details of everything we have implemented in one place!

Usability and Design

  • We’ve broken the signup process into 3 steps so that we can verify information at the end of each. This means that people signing up will immediately be notified if they’ve made a mistake, before they move on to the next step. After signing up, we bring them directly to login, which is a much nicer experience.
  • Main navigation has been moved to the left, to more accurately represent the subcategories within it. This makes it more efficient to get from page to page and gives you a better idea of what page you’re on at any given time!
  • Color across the site indicates the level of attention needed. Red things are urgent, and you should pay the most attention to them. Yellow things are active items that are likely something you should take care of today. Turquoise are cool, they’re upcoming, and Teal items are relaxed, indicating there’s nothing to worry about yet.
  • All of the indexes have been paginated, making for much faster page load time, which greatly improves features like filter and sort for all of your transactions and your entire database.
  • Icons for people reflect both type and status, and those for transaction indicate whether they are buyer or seller (which is really helpful on the pending transactions page).
  • A context bar across the top of each page tells you immediately where you are in the app, as well as providing the rudimentary action items.
  • Basic summaries of the most necessary info (we’re calling them “snippets”) for transactions and people have been added to the top of people and transaction pages for easier recognition and access.
  • The Interaction button gives you the options to send an email, log a call, or add notes for a meeting. As new releases of Brivity support better-visualized data about recent activity, it is becoming increasingly important to record all communication with your clients and leads.
  • Speaking of sending emails, you can send them to multiple people at a time (mass emails are a go!) and you can add attachments to them as well.
  • Quicksearch from the top of the page has been streamlined to remove duplicates, making it more efficient to find what you’re looking for.
  • Notes have been completely redesigned for improved readability and accessibility.
  • Our code base is much more efficient! What this means is that pages will load much faster and content reacts immediately when clicked.
  • New mobile menus simplify the navigation of the site from your phone.

Account & Settings



  • Account management and settings have been shuffled around a bit to clear up the dropdown menu. Account has 3 parts: Personal, Business, and Users. Settings have been divided into 5 categories including People, Properties, Action Plans, Marketing, and Email Templates.
  • Each user has a personal account where they can change their login email and signature.
  • The Business page is where the account owner customizes brokerage info and makes changes or requests updates to the account’s billing.
  • The users page is where users can add people to their Brivity team and manage their User type, or level of access within the app.
  • People settings is where you manage the different roles people can have in a transaction (you can even describe them to help out new users). They are specific to person type, so there are different roles for people on your Team, Clients, and Collaborators. This page has a whole new look that makes it much easier to manage.
  • Property settings is where you create and define the types of properties you represent, as well as the fields you want to require for each new listing of that type.
  • Action plans are settings for tasks. We’ve lumped Property, People, and Advertising action plans altogether and optimized the way actions are displayed within the plans to make them easier to read and manage.
  • Email templates not only show you who created them and when, but also when they were last updated, and who updated them.
  • Import and export all happen in one place. We’ve expanded the fields we import to include newly created “Status” and “Type”, as well as sources and descriptions for people (for any other details you need imported).
    • No more tedious template creation: we give you the template you need so that all you have to do is paste your info into it!
    • Brivity sends you back any errors from the importing process (sorted out from what went through) so that you can fix them right away. Now we even do error reporting right in the document so that you know exactly what the problem is!
    • When exporting people, you can choose to export your entire database, or just parts of it. Filter by the person who added the people to the system and by the status of your contacts.




  • The tasks index has been rearranged to prioritize the most important info. We’ve come up with clearer icons for indicating visibility, recurrence, notes and instructions let you know the fine points of the task, and you can click the details of a task to view everything, including notes and instructions.
  • Multi-select options have been extended to include “postpone” and “reassign” which allow you to move due dates and shift responsibility en-masse. This is really handy as your team changes when people come and go.
  • You can also add instructions (which are always only visible to your team) to any task, at any time.
  • Alternating background colors behind tasks on both the tasks index page and on individual people and transactions make it easier to remember where you’re at in your workflow.




  • Listings and buyers transactions have been moved together under the title of transactions. Creating a transaction has been streamlined to eliminate the confusion that used to happen with the old nav.
  • From the top of each index, you can see how many listings and how many buyers transactions are in that status. You can also see the primary agent associated with each transaction from the index.
  • We’ve edited the fields on each transaction index so that only the important things show up there, making them more helpful. You can sort these pages by the most important data.
  • Transaction pages have a whole new look that adds more white space to the page for better readability. The navigation across the top of the workflow area takes up less space and allows you to navigate easily back to any transaction.
  • Buyer’s transactions can have photos now too!
  • We’ve also added a details preview page to preview your transaction details, making it easier to spot errors, and to see when you need to publish a transaction.
  • BIG NEWS! Managing transactions in pending to closed statuses has been improved! We’ve added fields for important dates—like mutual acceptance and close date—as well as fields for “sale price” and “commission” so that you can manage the entire transaction from capture, to close.
  • We’ve increased the size of the branding space for brokerage information on property pages. It includes a brokerage image (your logo) as well as contact information.
  • Clicking on any of the people on a property page brings up the user’s email client so that sending an email takes as little effort as possible.
  • Showing feedback is not only easier to read, but we capture a larger range of details that makes it easy to see the status of your feedback requests at a glance.




  • People now have both type and status. This allows you to qualify your relationship separately from how likely they are to impact your bottom line this year. It will enable you to filter appropriately and select multiple recipients for group emails.
  • We’ve added a category for all those people who weren’t your clients but were more than sphere. We’re calling these people you have a professional relationship with Collaborators and we’re really excited about it. You can see what their role on a transaction is from the collaborators index.
  • Clients’ statuses are automatically updated when you add them to a transaction and again as the transaction changes status. This means that once you add someone to a transaction as a client, you’ll immediately be able to find them from the clients tab!
  • View both the source and date/time added for all statuses of leads from the leads index.
  • Now that your teammates are separate from collaborators, they have their own tab called Team and you can see their permissions level from there.
  • When creating a new contact, you can specify the source category and source of the contact for marketing feedback. We’ve also added fields like, Pets, Kids, and Timezone, which will be helpful for future drip campaigns.
  • Details on a person’s page display weather you’ve filled them in or not. When you’re new to Brivity, it’s good to know just how much you can—and should—fill out!
  • The transaction address for a client shows up next to their name on the Clients Index.
  • People indexes have been organized more intuitively. Leads are sorted so that the newest people in your database are right at the top. Sphere, Clients, and Collaborators are alphabetical by last name. Your team is alphabetical by first name, and people who have been Archived are sorted so that the most recently updated are at the top.
  • All people indexes can be filtered by status and type so that you can more easily manage and access information in your database. You can also sort information on these indexes by clicking the column heading that you want the information sorted by.
  • Get a preview of a person’s status by hovering over their icon on any People index, or on any individual transaction.
  • You can update a person’s preferences for updates after adding them to a listing, whenever you feel like it. When you remove them from the listing, they’ll no longer have access!
  • We’ve also worked really hard to improve managing access for your team members, too. We’re pleased to tell you that you can promote a user to admin, demote them to an agent, and back again with no fear of giving or losing access to the things they actually need!



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