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This is my biggest secret. For four years I have been planning and building and connecting the dots. The fact that we have to pay for 20 different software services, re-enter leads, listings, and pendings, and end up using what I can only describe as the creme of the crap software services ticks me off. When we work so hard to run our businesses and provide the best possible service to our clients and our agents.

For four years I have been building, buying, and risking it all day and night. Never paying myself a dime and investing millions into the vision I had of a platform. The Brivity Platform. The first open real estate platform that allows the connection of best software and services under one login and one bill.

Welcome WORLD – The BRIVITY APP STORE. One place where you can connect, order, and organize all your real estate tools. This simple button in Brivity will become the HUB of your business. Where you can add and remove services that you need when you need it without having to login or use multiple CRMs, Passwords, Accounts, or re-enter data. Also imagine a place where you data is your DATA protected and owned by you where you can take it wherever you want to go when you want to go there.

Now we are not there yet but we are getting closer. This isn’t all.

Starting this week, Brivity Platform is born. A system that is affordable for the newest agent but scaleable to the highest producer in the nation.

Let me explain some more. We start with Traffic and Ads. The platform is designed to managed any source of traffic, leads, and business you want to focus on. Then we provide and connect the 4 best tools for capturing and nurturing that traffic – IDX Websites (Brivity IDX or something like BoomTown), Branded Websites (Brivity IDX), Valuation Websites (Brivity Valuations), and Call Capture / SMS Services (KWKLY).

Welcome to the WORLD – BRIVITY IDX. Affordable, completely customizable, and a scaleable IDX and branded websites solution like NONE you have ever seen in your life. I promise. I am not making this stuff up. One website you can put 100 MLS’s into if you want to expand. Or we can launch 100 websites for you that all plug into one CRM and Transaction management platform. This was built to disrupt real estate.

Next all of the tools need to have a centralized CRM (Brivity CRM) where all leads can be stored, nurtured, and converted. If you get partial leads for FREE the NEW Brivity LEADS tab has a search feature that will find you names, emails, phone numbers, mortgage amounts, etc of addresses, phone number only leads, etc.

Are you kidding me?

To effectively nurture leads you need amazing listing alerts (BrivityIDX) and Market Reports (BrivityCMA) and then the ability to create a CMA right from the same CRM (Brivity CMA)

Pending and Transaction Management – Where you can manage your pendings and your listings in one place (BRIVITY CRM) This one system allowed me to have two admin to handle 993 closed properties last year.

Then close the property and continue to service and nurture these clients for life with Market Reports and a sphere in gear program that makes Brian Buffini cry at night. Then you do what Gary Keller says and you invest 10% of each closing back into more leads and traffic and this whole thing starts over.

WHAT JUST HAPPENED? This isn’t dreaming.

This is the Brivity Platform.

Connecting Brivity Leads, Brivity IDX, Brivity Valuations, KWKLY, Brivity CRM, and Brivity CMA and soon connecting all our friends in the industry that we love like Happy Grasshopper, Bomb Bomb, Boomtown, Mojo, etc. if they are willing we want to work with them. The future of real estate is not one end to end solution. It is an open platform that allows us the choice of what to use at a reasonable price. My Goal – FREE.

Learn more today.


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